Marsh Unicorn Videojet Australia: Detailed Guide

Marsh unicorn videojet Australia: Detailed Guide

Marsh unicorn videojet Australia: Detailed Guide


Labeling is relevant across multiple industries that have anything to do with a supply chain management system. Be it the FMCG industry, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints, wire, cables, pipes, beverages, tobacco regular goods and even the electronics industry, labeling is essential. Not only does it help you track the sales and inventory but also helps you in creating a centralized system that can help you manage your business well.


The printer is equipped with state of the art technology and can print various information such as product names, application number, count et al with precision and clarity. Easy to set up and maintain, the printer comes with an instruction guide which can be comprehended by anyone. It can be used on all sorts of materials with ease and is known to last longer.


Print all that you can to keep your inventory under control and manage it with ease. Low on maintenance and high on ink mileage, Marsh Unicorn Videojet printers comes with a hard working design that is effective and durable in the long run.


Marsh Unicorn Videojet Australia has been a pioneer in terms of developing labeling inkjet printers. With an automated process the label printers helps industries apply these auto printed labels onto cases and wraps of the products manufactured on the factory floor. A process that includes wiping, tamping and pasting the label is focused on reducing the manual labor that goes into doing the same task. Faster, cheaper and more reliable, Marsh Unicorn Videojet Labeling inkjet printers have made it easier for all.

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